We offer counseling services for both adults and children, including individual therapy, family therapy, anger management, play therapy, consultations, workshops, and group therapy.


Enjoy the same security and privacy of face-to-face therapy from the comfort of your home! If you've got a tight schedule or simply prefer to stay home, we provide private phone sessions and HIPAA compliant video sessions for your convenience. And, as always, your personal information is kept safe. Click here to schedule your "at-home" session today! 

Group therapy

Group therapy sessions are held between a group of 3 or more relatives and/or loved ones, led by one of our therapists. This type of therapy allows whole units to identify the issues between them, determine an approach to resolution, and collectively work towards a common goal.

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Workshops are a unique approach to therapy and mental health. Individuals with the same or similar personal goals attend theme-based, instructor-led therapy in large group settings. Our therapists lead structured group discussions, training, and activities, while attendees may share stories, experiences, insight and best practices to help each other achieve individual success.

Workshops we offer/support:



FAMILY therapy

Family therapy is designed to help improve overall family health or how one person's behavior may be affecting the family unit. Family therapy sessions address issues such as:

  • communication
  • parent-child relationships
  • conflict between siblings
  • issues between couples (Couples Therapy)
  • ​consultation

individual therapy

Individual therapy is a one-on-one session between you and one of our therapists, helping you deal with personal and/or private matters, such as:

  • anger management
  • building self-confidence
  • addiction
  • depression
  • anxiety
  • ​child therapy
  • trauma
  • ​ADHD